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This site will contain archived information from the STC newsgroups. Permission to reprint this information has been given by the authors. They retain all rights to the documents.

Ron D. Moore Archive
All of DS9 Co-executive Producer Ron D. Moore's answers taken from the startrek.expertforum.rondmoore newsgroup.
Star Trek Combat
A discourse of the capabilities of different ships and how weapons, shields and speed affect combat in the Trek universe.
Warp Propulsion Systems
An examination of the operation of the warp propulsion system, which shows conclusively that Voyager will not make it home any time within the next century.
Altruism in Star Trek
A discussion about how the Utopian ideal espoused by Star Trek is affected by the altruistic nature of people.
Assimilation by the Federation
Does the Federation assimilate other worlds? Answers here, maybe...
Is Enterprise the flagship of the Federation?
Finally, a definitive answer to this FAQ. It required an essay of its own.

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