Star Trek: Continuum

STC Frequently Asked Questions

Posting Etiquette (last updated 19 August 1999)
How, where and what to post to the Continuum newsgroups. Also includes a brief history of the Continuum and general information about using Internet newsgroups.
Trek Questions (last updated 19 August 1999)
Answers to frequently asked questions about subjects within the reality of Star Trek. Includes how the stardate works, why Klingons now have ridges and what NCC stands for.
Real Life Questions (last updated 19 August 1999)
Answers to questions about real world events that relate to Star Trek. Includes information on how TV station affiliation works, where to write to get Voyager back on the air, and why Jennifer Lien and Terry Farrell left their series.
Spelling List (last updated 19 August 1999)
A complete list of characters, actors and items within Star Trek--all correctly spelled. Includes a downloadable text file that can be used as a custom dictionary in your favorite spell checker.
Other FAQs
A list of other FAQs covering a wide variety of Star Trek subjects. These FAQs are maintained by others not associated with STC Companion.

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